Turtle Mountain

Thank you to Turtle Mountain for letting me try their amazing dairy free delights! I have been on a HUGE ice cream kick so tasting their ice cream was a huge treat! I did get a couple varities but raced home to rip open the Soy Delicious Coconut Milk "Coconut Almond" bars. I love everything about this bar-- Coconut Ice Cream is rich and delicious, the chocolate coating was generously thick and the almonds gave the bar the perfect nutty crunch. This bar is dairy free, sweetened with agave (which helps me because I am avoiding aritifcial sweeteners during my pregnancy), no trans fats and made with organic ingredients. Not only does Turtle Mountain have a wide variety of ice creams from the pints, to sandwiches to the amazing bars but they have tons of other products as well. I am already a Soy Delicious consumer-- there is nothing on the market that even compares to their Coconut Milk flavored creamers. They taste out of this world and have many health benefits to boot. In addition, check out their coconut milks, soy milks, soy ice creams, yogurts and even kids pops!