Nuby Bath Time Clock & Thermometer

Bath time shouldn’t be stressful, on your baby or you. Nuby’s bath products help keep bath time what it should be, safe and fun! No more sticking your elbow in your child’s bath water, thinking to yourself, “Self, is this too hot, too cold, just right?”.

The Nuby Bath Time Clock & Thermometer takes the guesswork out and gives you peace of mind that you aren’t scalding or freezing your little one. It’s a nifty little gadget that actually has THREE functions: clock, timer, and thermometer. The timer counts up and down and will automatically start counting up when the sensor contacts the water, so you know how long little bits has been bathing. The clock is super handy and the thermometer will display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Another great feature is the alert it gives out if/when the water gets too hot, so you know to adjust. Oh, and it FLOATS so you’re not stuck searching around in a bath full of bubbles. If all that weren’t enough, it comes decked out in super cute rubber ducky and turtle style!

It's simple, easy to read, and easy to operate! The Bath Time Clock & Thermometer is available at Buy Baby Direct and Ideal Baby.

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Nuby Squeeze Feeder Set Review

It's feeling like a Nuby kind of week! Today we're talking about the perfect solution for feeding anywhere - the Squeeze Feeder Set.

This feeder set will help cover you from the time you choose to start using bottles to 6+ months. It includes multiple attachments to suit your baby's current stage. The silicone feeder will hold up to 3 oz and will go anywhere you will!

You'll start with the Feeding Nipple. You can use this from birth if you choose. Next, the sipper spout will help for serving thick liquids, juice, and water. It is recommended for 3+ months. Then, when you start incorporating solid spoons, the feeder spoon will be put to use (6+ months). The spoon has a hole in the neck that allows food to pass through it and onto the spoon simply by squeezing the feeder. You control how much comes out! Plus, it's clear so you can see how much is left inside. Got a little one who likes to fling everything they can get their hands on? With the feeder spoon, the only mess that will be made is with however much happens to be on the spoon at the time - not an entire jar! The spoon also has a cover, so leaks don't happen. You can fill the feeder spoon up in advance, pack in your bag and have it ready when you need it! The angle of the spoon is great and makes feeding super easy.

The Squeeze Feeder Set is BPA free, practical, and makes feeding so much neater and convenient. A purchase you won't regret!

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Nuby SoftFlex Natural Sipper Review

When your little one is ready to transition to a "first cup", I definitely recommend the Nuby SoftFlex Natural Sipper.
This BPA free cup has a one piece No-Spill silicone spout making it easy to use, easy to clean, and hard to misplace parts!! The valve on the spout opens with minimum pressure, which makes for a more natural drinking action. What does that mean for your little sweet heart? They aren't constantly sucking, which can damage those new little teeth and soft palates. The easy-grip handles are perfect for little hands and are also removable making them perfect for transitioning to self-feeding.                                                                                 
Nuby didn't miss a beat by making all of their sipper cups and infafeeders fully interchangeable with the SoftFlex nursers and nipple system - convenience and flexibility abound! This 8 oz cup is recommended for 6+ months and is designed to grow with your little one. 
You can find the Nuby SoftFlex Natural Sipper at the following retailers:                                                                                           
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BabyGiraffe Lends a Hand

If you share my thoughts of ever wishing you had Go Go Gadget Arms, you might just be a fan of the BabyGiraffe.

What is a BabyGiraffe you ask? It's a very convenient device made with a fully flexible spine allowing it very versatile positioning, that will clamp onto nearly anything (think stroller, high chair, carseat, crib, etc), and will hold toys bottles, sunshades, and other necessities. Think of it as your third arm!

Along with the super flexible spine, the BabyGiraffe also includes a very sturdy clamp and a quick release clip for attaching the different accessories. Accessories include:
  • Toy Loop
  • Bottle Holder
  • Safety Mirror
  • Sun Shade

The toy loop will help you keep baby entertained and stimulated while one the go. Not only does this help promote visual stimulation, but will drastically cut down on lost toys!! (it will not however, help with all those missing socks!)

The bottle holder will help teach your little one to start holding onto bottles on their own. It should fit bottle of all shapes/sizes, as it secures with secure velcro.

The safety mirror will allow you to monitor baby while still allowing baby to monitor the world. Also allows for a little "self reflection" to keep honey bunny amused! Nice feature note: the convex shape of the mirror allows for panorama views!

The sun shade is just plain cool! How many times has the sun been blinding and you're stuck holding a blanket or becoming a human sun shield? It's super easy to adjust and you can put it exactly where it needs to be. Use on a carseat while driving or attach to your stroller or variety of other things while playing outside. As a bonus, it'll block those UV rays for you too!

The BabyGiraffe is so versatile, you're bound to find plenty of other uses for it too!

You can get your very own BabyGiraffe here and don't forget to show them some love on Facebook.

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a Glow Bug cloth diaper. First, how stinking cute is this print!?!? LOVE!

This diaper is a one size (7-35lb) pocket diaper with snap-in microfiber inserts. Complete with 2 openings in the pocket, double gussets (yes!), elastic in the back for better fit, and snap-in inserts to keep them in place - this is a win win diaper. You can achieve 4 different size settings and it also has 2 sets of cross-over snaps through the waist to allow for a much better fit on a newborn. Don't like droop? Don't have to - this diaper includes wing snaps to prevent it!

This is a pretty trim diaper and really does accommodate sizes from newborn to potty trained. I love the snap-in insert for a couple of reasons: 1. stays in place with babies on the move (is there any other kind?) 2. Don't have to remove it in the wash, it will agitate out. Disclaimer: Glow Bug does advise to unsnap the insert prior to washing to prevent damage.

Glow Bug was created by two moms who weren't able to find the good quality AFFORDABLE diapers they were hunting for. One of their core beliefs is to offer cloth diapers in bulk, thus saving you money! Their goal is to make it easy and affordable for you to cloth diaper your little bugs!

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Chewbeads Review - Mommy Chic, Baby Safe

Question: What's the first thing babies reach for when you're holding them? My answer: necklaces and sunglasses! I recently came across the company, Chewbeads and have to say was immediately impressed. They make soft, bright, stylish, non-toxic jewelry that is SAFE for baby to chew on! How did I not know about this sooner? The idea was created simply by a mom who's son loved chewing on her necklaces, but she wanted a safe alternative.

I jumped online and purchased the Mulberry Teether in Turquoise (thanks for the coupon Chewbeads!). I fell absolutely in love with the super BRIGHT color combination! (I also wanted to immediately chew on it, but that's neither here nor there!). Let me tell you, this thing was a hit with my little "tester", who went to town for a good while.

Beads are made with 100% food grade silicone, have no BPA, no PVC, no Phthalates, no Cadmium, and no lead. You can wash with warm soapy water or pop this puppy in the dishwasher. There are no detachable parts and the necklaces feature a breakaway clasp for extra safety.

I couldn't be more pleased and intend to get back on their website and snag the matching Waverly Necklace!

You can find Chewbeads on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

They've also recently made it into the Cool Mom Picks Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. See it here!

Be "Smart" with Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers

We love our Smart Bottoms! We recently had a chance to review the Too Smart 3.0 and a Smartfold from this company and couldn't be more pleased!

The Too Smart 3.0 (Smart Cover) is a waterproof one-size (6-35 lbs) diaper cover. It fits great over fitteds, prefolds, and inserts. My favorite part is the uber soft fleece around the legs! It is so soft and dreamy and will help contain leaks without leaving red marks on your little one. The Too Smart 3.0 also includes adjustable elastic in the legs and thigh snaps, to give you a more custom fit. The inside of the cover can be wiped clean and used again, should you not have any blowouts. My other favorite part of this cover are the heavy duty snaps - all too often snaps feel flimsy and you're half afraid to use them too much. Not with the Too Smart 3.0 - they feel like they will withstand the test of time!

Now, onto the Smartfold!! When it arrived, I thought to my self, "Self, this is huge!" The medium measures 13" x 17.5" prior to washing, and around 12.5" x 15.5" after washing. You can find dimensions of their other sizes here. It's made from 45% cotton and 55% hemp and has a very very nice feel to it, both before and after washing. This prefold is different than most in that it doesn't have seems down the center panel like most do. Reason being, "optimal absorption rate" and that is no joke - a great prefold if you have a heavy wetter! The prefold tucks very neatly into the Too Smart 3.0, so everything is in it's place and nice and trim.

This company also has a super great social media presence! They respond to comments/questions on Facebook and are regularly offering a deal of some sort. Great company, great products!! You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to check out their Blog!

Save Time with Woolzies Dryer Balls

Oh Dryer Balls, where have you been all my life?!? If you're like me, you're asking yourself, "Self, what are dryer balls and why do I need them?" Let me tell you folks, these things work wonders. I recently had the chance to give them a try when Woolzies graciously sent me a box to test out!

With the mission of "we intend to pass down this earth to our children in the same beautiful condition that we received it from our parents", you know you're off to a good start!

Woolzies Dryer Balls deliver the same benefits of conventional fabric softeners without those pesky chemicals! Made from 100% pure New Zealand Wool, these dryer balls will reduce your drying time, saving you not only your precious time but also your hard earned money! They'll help in reducing static and wrinkles as well. Good for 1,000 loads, these puppies will get you by for awhile, so less waste is created when you're not throwing away a dryer sheet after EVERY load! On top of that, they are safe for people with wool allergies as they don't shed onto your clothes.

I will admit that there is not much better than crawling into a bed when newly washed and dried sheets have been put on! That clean and lovely smell created by the dryer sheets you put in the dryer is heaven. However, that "clean" smell comes at a cost....a big cost! Liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets are a hot bed of nasty chemicals that can easily be avoided. Think you'll miss the good smell from your fabric softener? Add a few drops of essential oils into your dryer balls to add a safe smell to your laundry!

A simple change in your laundry routine will save you money, help Mother Earth, and protect your health - why wouldn't you make the switch?!

Go show Woolzies some love over on their Facebook and Twitter, then head to their website and get some Dryer Balls of your own!

Nuby Natural Touch Warmer & Sterilizer Review

When it comes to keeping things "simple", I'm a huge fan of a two-fer! Anytime I can find a product that combines multiple use items into one, I want to know more. That's exactly what we have here today with he Nuby Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer. This is a 2-in-1 design that will safely warm your breast milk, formula, or baby food in addition to sterilizing your bottles and pacifiers.

This is such a compact, stylish, and useful product to add to your arsenal! It's not so big that you can't leave it sit out on your counter and it is also small enough that you can transport it easily when you're going to be traveling.

Not only is the Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer compact, but it's a breeze to operate. It comes with a measuring cup attached, so you don't have to worry about keeping up with separate parts! It warms and sterilizes very quickly (under 3 minutes) and has a light that goes off when the work is complete, so you know it's ready. All you have to do is use the included measuring cup to add water, load the warmer, and touch the start button. You won't have to worry about good nutrients being sucked out or liquids heating unevenly. Icing on the cake -- the Nuby Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer is BPA free!

Head over to to pick yours up!

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Be Visible with Glo Bugz by Valco Baby

I recently posted a little ditty about Valco Baby and their customer service being excellent. If you are like me, customer service can be a make or break deal when you're making purchases or researching potential purchases. Regardless of how much I love a company's products, I'm not going to do business with them if they treat me like crap or don't respect me or my time! (cough cough, Chick-Fil-A, what?!) I digress....

I recently had the great opportunity to take a look at the Glo Bugz safety lights by Valco Baby. These lights were great! They are so versatile and have such a simple design. They are meant for "prams, strollers, and more" and with the design, you can slap these puppies nearly anywhere - strollers, backpacks, key chains, dog collars, bicycles, belt loops, anywhere!  

Each light has an elastic strap attached to the end of the light allowing you to put it where it best suits your life. There are 3 different light modes: flashing, constant, and off. Just click the push button to cycle through each setting. They come 2 to a package and are super affordable!

I've had a white light on my keys for a few weeks and am loving it! It's bright enough to work as a flashlight and has helped save the day on a couple of occasions already. It's not too bulky, so your keys will still fit nicely in your pocket or purse.

The red and white lights worked great on the stroller too! I hooked both to the outsides of my Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller and went out to see how much it helped my visibility. My "hood" is not overly lit and we regularly have street lights out here and there, so more visibility was going to be great!!
I was also able to use my white light as a flashlight to dig around in the carrier of the stroller to find what I needed. The red light is good for being noticed, especially on the flashing setting. These lights definitely improved our visibility and helped light the way when crossing the street!

I've used my Glo Bugz a LOT but haven't had to replace the battery yet. On the back of each light, you'll see 3 small screws that will get you into the battery compartment - pretty easy!

Bottom line...go get your Glo Bugz! Not only are they a great buy, but you'll be buying from a company who excels in the customer service department!

You can catch them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course on their website!

Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review

First and foremost, you MUST (yes, that's an order) go check this company out! They epitomize what Customer Service should be and are regularly getting thanked on their social media sites for the extra effort they put in. When I received my package from them, it included a hand written "thank you" note and included a couple bags of relaxing tea! After telling them they made my day with this gesture, here was the response I got:
"Each and every package from our facility leaves with a hand written note- its standard practice to make sure our mamas are treated like celebrities."
No bones about it, they are TOP NOTCH!
Lil Helper Cloth Diapers is a partnership of two friends, Mohammed and Nader, who met at college in Toronto while studying for their aerospace engineering degrees, and eventually went on to earn their master's in Aerospace. Yes, they are self proclaimed nerds! It is also true that they have a very quirky sense of humor that is woven throughout their entire website - if you want a good chuckle simply check out their "contact us" section. Not only do they strive to make products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they also refuse to sell anything that they are not comfortable using on their own children!
Here's the loot I received:
One size Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper w/ 2 detachable liners
One size Original PUL Cloth Diaper w/ 2 detachable liners
One drawstring Wetbag
Two Organic Bamboo Wipes
Two Bamboo Stay Dry Liners
Phew, they know how to hook a girl up!
I'll start with looking at the Bamboo Wipes. The first thing you want to do is rub them all over you and baby because these things are s-o-f-t, SOFT! These wipes consist of a two-ply system, with the top ply made from micro-fiber and the lower ply made of organic bamboo terry. Not only are they soft, but they are very absorbent! Consider this your "go to" wipe -- you can use it for baby's tush, a burp cloth, wash cloth, or for yourself! Not to mention, the size is perfect! I'd suggest adding these babies to your list of what to give all of your expectant friends!
If you're not a fan of scrubbing poop off your diapers, the Bamboo Stay Liners might be for you! The re-usable liners consist of 50% bamboo viscose and 50% wicking polyester mesh. Your lil one will appreciate how the wicking polyester mesh will pull the moisture into the diaper below and you will appreciate an easy to remove liner for mess cleanup. Not to mention these won't add bulk!
You can't go wrong with their wetbags. They have a diaper pail liner, drawstring wetbag, and zipper wetbag. Great for short trips, both the zipper and drawstring bags will hold 3-4 diapers. You can tell the drawstring is quality made as it feels sturdy and won't break apart on you in a month! Kids no longer in diapers? Use it at the beach or pool for wet swimsuits!
Now on to the nappies. Style alert: the colors are too stinkin' cute!! Not primary, but not pastel either -- a perfect in between mix! Function alert: exceptional absorbency, super softness, lot of snaps to get that perfect fit. Each diaper comes with 2 detachable liners - one small and one larger. The liners snap in to the diaper and to each other. You can use one at a time or both if you are in need of extra absorbency. For the Charcoal Bamboo Cloth diaper, the charcoal liners keep your baby feeling dry while the organic cotton/bamboo cover lets their skin breath - genius! Want to know more about the benefits of charcoal bamboo, check out this Lil Helper blog post. With the Original PUL, the liners are made of unbleached cotton and micro-terry. The diapers are one-size and will grow with your little one, fitting 7-35 lbs.
This is a company that is obviously passionate about what they do! They do not skip any steps or do anything half way. In addition to helping our wallets and the planet, they are also giving back. Through their Baby Do Good program, they give a PUL Cloth Diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers that they sell!!! How many other places are doing this?  
These guys are a hoot, they're amazingly smart, they've got functional products, and an appetite for knowledge -- throw in a giant dose of out of this world customer's a no brainer! Check them out! They're on Facebook and Twitter and have a great Blog.

Win A Year's Worth of Nuby Products!!

You heard me right, a year's worth of Nuby products could be yours! As I've been reviewing several of their products lately, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to win your own.
This includes a LOT of items -- bottles, cups, pacifiers, teethers, feeding, grooming, bath time and much much more! Don't miss out on this chance. Entry is super easy and I'd love to have one of my readers hit it big with Nuby!
To enter for a chance to WIN, visit the Nuby Facebook page and click the Nuby Giveaway tab located under their cover photo. If you want to enter from your MOBILE device, they've made it  simple to do that as well. Simply click this link to enter: Giveaway ends at 11:59pm CST on 3/31/13.
Also, go show Nuby some love on their social media sites -- they've got several other contests going right now!


The Nibbler from Nuby

Once your little one is ready to start on solids, The Nuby Nibbler is the way to go! I first saw the Nibbler during a visit to a friend's house. Her daughter, who was 7 months at the time, LOVED this thing!! She literally couldn't get enough!

The Nibbler allows your child to eat whole foods without the risk of choking. It's got a "Squeeze and Twist" locking system, giving you peace of mind that your little one isn't going to be able to open it (it took me a few times to get the hang of it, but once you have it down, it's great). Included, is a cap which is great for traveling! It's also BPA free so no worries about nasty chemicals. When you're done, clean up is super easy -- you can simply wash with warm soapy water, or the Nibbler is top-rack dishwasher safe as well...score!!

We like ANYTHING frozen inside (which also is of great help while teething) or a chunk of apple! Bananas can get messy, but are a hit as well! The chunky handle is great  and easy to hold on to and has a nice textured grip if little one decides to chew on it!

We love The Nibbler and know you will too. You can get yours at the following:

Ring O' Keys from NUBY

Truth be told, I want to break into Johhny Cash every time I say the name of this teether -- but that's a whole different story!

Let me start by saying that the customer service and communication with Nuby has been nothing but top notch!! The Nuby philosophy is to make the lives of parents and children simple, easy, and fun. They've got you covered and want to be sure you are left with no stones unturned. Refreshing!

This review is the for the Nuby Ring O' Keys. First and foremost, this teething ring is BPA free!! Due to studies that suggest BPA might play a role in breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, early puberty, obesity, diabetes, and ADD/ADHD -- BPA free is a must in my opinion.

Here's how your teether will come packaged: 

This teether has 3 keys attached to a key ring. Each key has a different textured surface that will suit your teething baby just fine! Size is great for little one's hands and the colors are perfect. I prefer gender neutral colors, and the bright combination of colors on this teether are ideal. Cleaning is a breeze, simply wash with warm soapy water. This teether does not disappoint!  

 Nuby is distributed in over 155 countries around the world and has been going strong for the last 35 years.

The Ring O' Keys can be purchased at

Valco Baby Preview

I'd like to take a minute to talk a little bit about a family owned and operated Australian company by the name of Valco Baby. Not only are they a company that prides themselves on developing high quality products (they test all products out on their own babies), but they are also top notch in the Customer Service department -- shout out to Tina in Customer Care for taking time out of her hectic schedule to respond to my email!!

Whether you are a singleton or need something for multiples, they've got you covered. They give you safety and dependability, plus good looks! And if you're like me and into accessorizing, you can count on them to provide you with a variety of accessories that can grow and change as your family does.

I've been super impressed with Valco Baby and am sure you will feel the same way! Go check them out and let me know what you think!

A Better Snot Sucker -- BabyComfyNose

There is nothing worse than a sick baby, except maybe not having the tools you need to help him or her feel better. Enter the BabyComfyNose
There have been several folks recently posting this picture of the inside of a very dirty/moldy bulb style nasal aspirator: 

It's enough to make you sick to your stomach, much less use on your little one. Not only do you avoid this dilemma with the BabyComfyNose, but it also works so much better than the bulb aspirators!

The basis of the BabyComfyNose is simple; it uses your own suction to remove baby's mucus. You just put the soft (silicone type rubber) nose tip into baby's nostril to make a seal, put the soft mouth piece into your mouth, and suck. Very simple! Even better, you are in control -- you provide as much or as little suction as needed. I even have a friend whose little one will now REACH for her BabyComfyNose when she has a stuffy nose!
Not only does it work so well, it doesn't require the added cost of filters. You don't have to use anything, but if you like, you can stuff a Kleenex in the bulb and you've got an instant filter. When the work is done, pull the tissue out and throw it in the trash. Clearly, being able to use facial tissues you already have at home will be a real cost benefit!
The BabyComfyNose is dishwasher safe, comes in three colors (good for multiples), and comes with a mesh storage bag that not only houses your unit when not in use, but allows for air drying after washing to avoid closed up areas where germs thrive!
The icing on the cake.....this "sucker" is BPA and phthalate free!! 
BabyComfyNose got this right!

Newman's Own Organics Review & GIVEAWAY

I think it is safe to say that a lot of us are more concerned with the ingredients in our foods and how they are grown and processed prior to arriving at our local grocery. We want to make sure we're putting the safest  and best tasting products on our dinner tables for our family. With Newman's Own Organics, you can do just that; they take the guess work out of determining if what you're eating is safe!

It's easy to get Newman's Own (yes, the salad dressing company) and Newman's Own Organics confused. Newman's Own Organics started as a division of Newman's Own in the early nineties. Nell Newman (Pauls' daughter), along with her business partner, Peter Meehan, managed to build their brand and NOO became an independent company in 2001. With the slogan "Great tasting products that happen to be organic", they created products based on what they liked; their pretzels stemmed from "Pa" Newman's love of pretzels and Nell's love of chocolate was a deciding factor in choosing organic chocolate bars. Side note: the company was a pioneer in the food industry when it offered it's first line of organic chocolate bars in the mid nineties!!

So we know it's organic....but is it GOOD?!? Holy smokes, it's all delicious! Pretzels, licorice, cookies, dried fruit, chocolate...oh my! I have a few favorites that I'd like to tell you about.

First, the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. If you are a Reese's fan, put them down and go get some of these NOO cups. These were so creamy and smooth, and melt in your mouth! Each 1.2 oz package contains three cups, all with ingredients you can pronounce!! Splurge without feeling you went off the deep end with these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. You can also get them in Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, and Milk or Dark Chocolate Caramel.

Second, the Licorice. Not only do you get an organic stick of licorice (who knew this even existed until now?), but they've topped themselves with the addition of Sour Flavors -- Sour Strawberry, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, and Sour Mango. The bag of Sour Strawberry only lasted a few days in my house!! Great taste, and they don't leave behind that "fake" flavor in your mouth that a lot of licorice does. Each five ounce package would be great to keep in your drawer at work to snack on throughout the week...or day!

Third, the Chocolate Newman-O's! Think Oreo with a chocolate cream center! Also available in  Original, Wheat Free Dairy Free, Peanut Butter, Ginger 'n' Cream, and Hint O' Mint. Be careful though, these things are dangerous!

And finally, the High Protien Pretzels. What an amazing snack!! Not only are they packed with protein, but they have a higher fiber content than most pretzels I've seen. Nice and crunchy and not too salty -- this pretzel has it all!! They are baked not fried, making them a great choice for all occasions and all occasions is when you can use them as there are TEN varieties of these tasty little pretzels!

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with Newman's Own Organics. Not only have they made an extensive line of treats for you, they've got those four-legged family members covered as well, with their Premium Pet Foods! With every product they make, they keep us in mind, the planet in mind, meet all requirements of the USDA National Organic Program, and they GIVE BACK. Since 1982, Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation have donated more than $350 million dollars to educational and charitable organizations worldwide.

Because I love these products so much, Newman's Own Organics has agreed to give a few of my favorite things to one lucky reader....score!! Head over to their Facebook page to give them a "Like" and a shout out, visit their website and email me to tell me which products look best to you. Oh, and don't forget to follow my blog and like me on Facebook! Do this before February 8th to be entered. Winner will receive full size products PLUS a surprise courtesy of Newman's Own Organics! Good luck!!

Happy New Year Baby

Resolution (noun): A resolve or determination. Happy New Year everyone!! I hope yours is off to as good of one as we are having. On New Year’s Day 2012, one of our resolutions was to get pregnant. I am proud to announce, that resolution came through!! I am expecting Baby Number 2 on August 1st. I can’t express the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation that abounds!

This attempt did not come with the ease that the first one did. We went through 6 unsuccessful cycles and a roller coaster of emotions as we lived our lives in 2 week periods. Then, on attempt 7, with the help of a little letrozole and progesterone, our little peanut latched on! Seven months seemed like an eternity in our world, but from reading your comments and other blogs and forums along the way, this doesn’t seem like much compared to the experiences of many others.

I am one proud momma and can’t wait to meet #2!! 

Here's a preview:

The fun doesn't stop-- DRIVERfighter Review and Giveaway! Another 10 winners!!!

I learned something new this week! While coordinating this review and giveaway with DRIVERfighter I realized that I had never updated my computer's drivers, nor did I even know that I needed to. Neglecting to do this can cause slow performance and a host of other issues which I deal with on a daily basis. Running the process was as easy as 1-2-3. First, I ran the scan and then waited for a short download to install the program (this took me about 10 minutes total) and the program let me know my computer was "NEVER" scanned -- then I just used the search to locate updated drivers (they have a database of over 85,000) choose which drivers you want to update or they make it super easy by updating them all in a single click, then simply install the updated drivers. I was so happy right off noticing how quickly my computer re-booted after I shut it down. Read what they have to say:
"What is a PC "driver"? A driver is responsible for communicating and interacting with PC hardware devices. Every function in your computer requires a driver and in some cases more than one driver. A PC using outdated drivers can become prone to instability, hardware malfunction, and slower performance."

Why update your drivers and why try DRIVERfighter?

  • FREE Scan
    DRIVERfighter scans your computer and detects outdated drivers and provides you the tools to download and install those drivers.
  • Stability
    When you update your outdated drivers, you have less issues with your computer.
  • Improved hardware functionality
    The latest manufacturer driver updates often contain improved and new functionality for your hardware components
  • Performance
    With updated drivers your PC may perform much faster.
  • Productivity
    Stop wasting your precious time manually looking for driver updates available
  • Safety
    Finding drivers by yourself may lead to sites and drivers infected with malware.
If you are like me you really value your computer and want it to perform at its best so DRIVERfighter is a must for all of us. I really hope you are one of the ten lucky winners.

To get your free product key of DRIVERfighter you must enter this giveaway, to do so please browse the DRIVERfighter site and tell me something great you learned, my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Friday October 12th. Best of luck to you!

Check out this HOT mama!

Hey everyone, Check out the following from Jenn Harrison-- she is a mom just like us and needs our vote. Please show your support!

Hi There Mums,

My name is Jenn Harrison, Like many of us, I'm a working mother who had struggled to shed the baby weight after giving birth to my daughter. Working a job regularly and looking after my daughter Mia the rest of the time left me little time to exercise, after a long discussion with my personal trainer I learnt to make the most of the 30-60 minute windows when they presented themselves and I'm now in training to run in a marathon!

My trainer said I should enter the ASN 2012 D-Fine8 Female Ambassador competition, so I got some pictures taken and submitted them to the judges... I was very suprised when my entry skyrocketed into number one spot in the voting.

Other girls who have entered are now catching me, so I seek out mums like you for support.

What I'm hoping is for as many people as they can click the link below which will take them to a picture of me - yes thats really me! (and no I've never modelled or anything like that!) - click like on the picture and if possible click share and encourage others to like and share it too :)

Dress up time!

It really doesn't have to be Halloween to nab a great costume! Dress up is a fun game ANY time of the year. My son is the typical boy and loves clothing with capes, funny boots, hats and anything else I can dream up to make him giggle. I got him the cutest Toy Story costume featuring the Woody character, you have ever seen!

I hope you have seen the movie because its adorable and so is Max in his cowboy costume. While he doesn't yet realize he is dressed up as "Woody" he does realize that he has a cool outfit and a funny hat to wear. I love the idea of playing dress up because it gives kids a chance to pretend play and be whatever they want to be! I was poking around the Costume Discounters website and see so many more I would love to add to our costume closet from holiday themed costumes to just about every superhero or tv character you can think of and all at great prices. I also love how they offer the accessories right there on the page so you don't have to go hunting around to make your costume complete. The Woody costume we got was of great quality and fit right as indicated. The hat is so cool and will be used long after the costume is outgrown. With Easter coming up you have to check out their bunny suits-- they had me cracking up (there are both kids ones and adults ones).

Twisted Orchid Revew and Giveaway!!! YEA!

I am so excited to have partnered up with the folks at Twisted Orchid! If you take a peek over there they have really cool stuff from headbands and jewelry to clothing and what you will see here- one of their handbags. The brand is Mad Style and it is exactly that-- check out the "Grey Strap Satchel" just bursting with Mad Style!

I was overly impressed with the quality of my Mad Style Satchel that I chose, not only is it stylish and glamerous but it is sensible and affordable. My Mad Bag is a deep grey color with accented darker straps on the sides and decked out with silver accessories. I love that they feature faux leather and can pull it off like they do with these bags. When I can avoid using animal products, I do and Mad Style knows how to do it right. This bag is very roomy and I was able to go out to dinner and use it even fitting in a few diapers, wipes and a bottle (and yes all my things)! It has Exterior-Zipper Entry, Rear Zipper, Interior-Cell Pocket, Wall Pocket, Wall Zipper and Center Zip Compartment. You will love shopping over at Twisted Orchid because they always offer free shipping without any hunting for codes and they have a great hassle free return policy which makes shopping online risk free. Mad Style is going to give one lucky reader the chance to win their own bag (up to 80.00 retail value)! WOOHOO!!! visit their site and tell me a what bag you would love to win, like them on facebook, follow my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Sunday February 26th. Best of luck to you!

Attention Moms! If you have a sweet tooth read on...

I myself have a SERIOUS sweet tooth and ever since becoming a mom have to fight the scale even more so these two things do not go hand in hand. I love trying out the Fullbar products because they help us moms on the go easily manage our weight. I featured the Fullbars previously and LOVED them because they were big, delicious and contained Slendesta. Now Fullbar has a new product for us moms-- gummies. I was so excited to rip into the gummies because I am a huge fan of candy, any candy and for valentines day I had sweedish fish and had been craving them ever since.

So the instructions said to have five of the gummies and it would curb my appetite. Just like the Fullbars the Slendesta blend did its job and my appetite was diminished, the only problem? Eating just five of the gummies! They are sooo good. Read what Fullbar has to say about them:
"The yummy way to block hunger throughout the day. Take 5 Fullbar Gummies with Slendesta per serving to induce feelings of fullness and help stop hunger pains. The Slendesta found in the gummies will enhance the release of your CCK allowing you to feel full for up to 3 hours and reduce your desire to munch on unhealthy snacks. Take 10 gummies a day for optimal results."
Each container of gummies is 29.99 but will last a long time if you just do ten a day since there are a 120 in the bottle. Yumm!