A Better Snot Sucker -- BabyComfyNose

There is nothing worse than a sick baby, except maybe not having the tools you need to help him or her feel better. Enter the BabyComfyNose
There have been several folks recently posting this picture of the inside of a very dirty/moldy bulb style nasal aspirator: 

It's enough to make you sick to your stomach, much less use on your little one. Not only do you avoid this dilemma with the BabyComfyNose, but it also works so much better than the bulb aspirators!

The basis of the BabyComfyNose is simple; it uses your own suction to remove baby's mucus. You just put the soft (silicone type rubber) nose tip into baby's nostril to make a seal, put the soft mouth piece into your mouth, and suck. Very simple! Even better, you are in control -- you provide as much or as little suction as needed. I even have a friend whose little one will now REACH for her BabyComfyNose when she has a stuffy nose!
Not only does it work so well, it doesn't require the added cost of filters. You don't have to use anything, but if you like, you can stuff a Kleenex in the bulb and you've got an instant filter. When the work is done, pull the tissue out and throw it in the trash. Clearly, being able to use facial tissues you already have at home will be a real cost benefit!
The BabyComfyNose is dishwasher safe, comes in three colors (good for multiples), and comes with a mesh storage bag that not only houses your unit when not in use, but allows for air drying after washing to avoid closed up areas where germs thrive!
The icing on the cake.....this "sucker" is BPA and phthalate free!! 
BabyComfyNose got this right!