BabyGiraffe Lends a Hand

If you share my thoughts of ever wishing you had Go Go Gadget Arms, you might just be a fan of the BabyGiraffe.

What is a BabyGiraffe you ask? It's a very convenient device made with a fully flexible spine allowing it very versatile positioning, that will clamp onto nearly anything (think stroller, high chair, carseat, crib, etc), and will hold toys bottles, sunshades, and other necessities. Think of it as your third arm!

Along with the super flexible spine, the BabyGiraffe also includes a very sturdy clamp and a quick release clip for attaching the different accessories. Accessories include:
  • Toy Loop
  • Bottle Holder
  • Safety Mirror
  • Sun Shade

The toy loop will help you keep baby entertained and stimulated while one the go. Not only does this help promote visual stimulation, but will drastically cut down on lost toys!! (it will not however, help with all those missing socks!)

The bottle holder will help teach your little one to start holding onto bottles on their own. It should fit bottle of all shapes/sizes, as it secures with secure velcro.

The safety mirror will allow you to monitor baby while still allowing baby to monitor the world. Also allows for a little "self reflection" to keep honey bunny amused! Nice feature note: the convex shape of the mirror allows for panorama views!

The sun shade is just plain cool! How many times has the sun been blinding and you're stuck holding a blanket or becoming a human sun shield? It's super easy to adjust and you can put it exactly where it needs to be. Use on a carseat while driving or attach to your stroller or variety of other things while playing outside. As a bonus, it'll block those UV rays for you too!

The BabyGiraffe is so versatile, you're bound to find plenty of other uses for it too!

You can get your very own BabyGiraffe here and don't forget to show them some love on Facebook.