Attention Moms! If you have a sweet tooth read on...

I myself have a SERIOUS sweet tooth and ever since becoming a mom have to fight the scale even more so these two things do not go hand in hand. I love trying out the Fullbar products because they help us moms on the go easily manage our weight. I featured the Fullbars previously and LOVED them because they were big, delicious and contained Slendesta. Now Fullbar has a new product for us moms-- gummies. I was so excited to rip into the gummies because I am a huge fan of candy, any candy and for valentines day I had sweedish fish and had been craving them ever since.

So the instructions said to have five of the gummies and it would curb my appetite. Just like the Fullbars the Slendesta blend did its job and my appetite was diminished, the only problem? Eating just five of the gummies! They are sooo good. Read what Fullbar has to say about them:
"The yummy way to block hunger throughout the day. Take 5 Fullbar Gummies with Slendesta per serving to induce feelings of fullness and help stop hunger pains. The Slendesta found in the gummies will enhance the release of your CCK allowing you to feel full for up to 3 hours and reduce your desire to munch on unhealthy snacks. Take 10 gummies a day for optimal results."
Each container of gummies is 29.99 but will last a long time if you just do ten a day since there are a 120 in the bottle. Yumm!