Dress up time!

It really doesn't have to be Halloween to nab a great costume! Dress up is a fun game ANY time of the year. My son is the typical boy and loves clothing with capes, funny boots, hats and anything else I can dream up to make him giggle. I got him the cutest Toy Story costume featuring the Woody character, you have ever seen!

I hope you have seen the movie because its adorable and so is Max in his cowboy costume. While he doesn't yet realize he is dressed up as "Woody" he does realize that he has a cool outfit and a funny hat to wear. I love the idea of playing dress up because it gives kids a chance to pretend play and be whatever they want to be! I was poking around the Costume Discounters website and see so many more I would love to add to our costume closet from holiday themed costumes to just about every superhero or tv character you can think of and all at great prices. I also love how they offer the accessories right there on the page so you don't have to go hunting around to make your costume complete. The Woody costume we got was of great quality and fit right as indicated. The hat is so cool and will be used long after the costume is outgrown. With Easter coming up you have to check out their bunny suits-- they had me cracking up (there are both kids ones and adults ones).