Happy New Year Baby

Resolution (noun): A resolve or determination. Happy New Year everyone!! I hope yours is off to as good of one as we are having. On New Year’s Day 2012, one of our resolutions was to get pregnant. I am proud to announce, that resolution came through!! I am expecting Baby Number 2 on August 1st. I can’t express the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation that abounds!

This attempt did not come with the ease that the first one did. We went through 6 unsuccessful cycles and a roller coaster of emotions as we lived our lives in 2 week periods. Then, on attempt 7, with the help of a little letrozole and progesterone, our little peanut latched on! Seven months seemed like an eternity in our world, but from reading your comments and other blogs and forums along the way, this doesn’t seem like much compared to the experiences of many others.

I am one proud momma and can’t wait to meet #2!! 

Here's a preview: