The fun doesn't stop-- DRIVERfighter Review and Giveaway! Another 10 winners!!!

I learned something new this week! While coordinating this review and giveaway with DRIVERfighter I realized that I had never updated my computer's drivers, nor did I even know that I needed to. Neglecting to do this can cause slow performance and a host of other issues which I deal with on a daily basis. Running the process was as easy as 1-2-3. First, I ran the scan and then waited for a short download to install the program (this took me about 10 minutes total) and the program let me know my computer was "NEVER" scanned -- then I just used the search to locate updated drivers (they have a database of over 85,000) choose which drivers you want to update or they make it super easy by updating them all in a single click, then simply install the updated drivers. I was so happy right off noticing how quickly my computer re-booted after I shut it down. Read what they have to say:
"What is a PC "driver"? A driver is responsible for communicating and interacting with PC hardware devices. Every function in your computer requires a driver and in some cases more than one driver. A PC using outdated drivers can become prone to instability, hardware malfunction, and slower performance."

Why update your drivers and why try DRIVERfighter?

  • FREE Scan
    DRIVERfighter scans your computer and detects outdated drivers and provides you the tools to download and install those drivers.
  • Stability
    When you update your outdated drivers, you have less issues with your computer.
  • Improved hardware functionality
    The latest manufacturer driver updates often contain improved and new functionality for your hardware components
  • Performance
    With updated drivers your PC may perform much faster.
  • Productivity
    Stop wasting your precious time manually looking for driver updates available
  • Safety
    Finding drivers by yourself may lead to sites and drivers infected with malware.
If you are like me you really value your computer and want it to perform at its best so DRIVERfighter is a must for all of us. I really hope you are one of the ten lucky winners.

To get your free product key of DRIVERfighter you must enter this giveaway, to do so please browse the DRIVERfighter site and tell me something great you learned, my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Friday October 12th. Best of luck to you!