Be Visible with Glo Bugz by Valco Baby

I recently posted a little ditty about Valco Baby and their customer service being excellent. If you are like me, customer service can be a make or break deal when you're making purchases or researching potential purchases. Regardless of how much I love a company's products, I'm not going to do business with them if they treat me like crap or don't respect me or my time! (cough cough, Chick-Fil-A, what?!) I digress....

I recently had the great opportunity to take a look at the Glo Bugz safety lights by Valco Baby. These lights were great! They are so versatile and have such a simple design. They are meant for "prams, strollers, and more" and with the design, you can slap these puppies nearly anywhere - strollers, backpacks, key chains, dog collars, bicycles, belt loops, anywhere!  

Each light has an elastic strap attached to the end of the light allowing you to put it where it best suits your life. There are 3 different light modes: flashing, constant, and off. Just click the push button to cycle through each setting. They come 2 to a package and are super affordable!

I've had a white light on my keys for a few weeks and am loving it! It's bright enough to work as a flashlight and has helped save the day on a couple of occasions already. It's not too bulky, so your keys will still fit nicely in your pocket or purse.

The red and white lights worked great on the stroller too! I hooked both to the outsides of my Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller and went out to see how much it helped my visibility. My "hood" is not overly lit and we regularly have street lights out here and there, so more visibility was going to be great!!
I was also able to use my white light as a flashlight to dig around in the carrier of the stroller to find what I needed. The red light is good for being noticed, especially on the flashing setting. These lights definitely improved our visibility and helped light the way when crossing the street!

I've used my Glo Bugz a LOT but haven't had to replace the battery yet. On the back of each light, you'll see 3 small screws that will get you into the battery compartment - pretty easy!

Bottom line...go get your Glo Bugz! Not only are they a great buy, but you'll be buying from a company who excels in the customer service department!

You can catch them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course on their website!