Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Review

First and foremost, you MUST (yes, that's an order) go check this company out! They epitomize what Customer Service should be and are regularly getting thanked on their social media sites for the extra effort they put in. When I received my package from them, it included a hand written "thank you" note and included a couple bags of relaxing tea! After telling them they made my day with this gesture, here was the response I got:
"Each and every package from our facility leaves with a hand written note- its standard practice to make sure our mamas are treated like celebrities."
No bones about it, they are TOP NOTCH!
Lil Helper Cloth Diapers is a partnership of two friends, Mohammed and Nader, who met at college in Toronto while studying for their aerospace engineering degrees, and eventually went on to earn their master's in Aerospace. Yes, they are self proclaimed nerds! It is also true that they have a very quirky sense of humor that is woven throughout their entire website - if you want a good chuckle simply check out their "contact us" section. Not only do they strive to make products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they also refuse to sell anything that they are not comfortable using on their own children!
Here's the loot I received:
One size Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper w/ 2 detachable liners
One size Original PUL Cloth Diaper w/ 2 detachable liners
One drawstring Wetbag
Two Organic Bamboo Wipes
Two Bamboo Stay Dry Liners
Phew, they know how to hook a girl up!
I'll start with looking at the Bamboo Wipes. The first thing you want to do is rub them all over you and baby because these things are s-o-f-t, SOFT! These wipes consist of a two-ply system, with the top ply made from micro-fiber and the lower ply made of organic bamboo terry. Not only are they soft, but they are very absorbent! Consider this your "go to" wipe -- you can use it for baby's tush, a burp cloth, wash cloth, or for yourself! Not to mention, the size is perfect! I'd suggest adding these babies to your list of what to give all of your expectant friends!
If you're not a fan of scrubbing poop off your diapers, the Bamboo Stay Liners might be for you! The re-usable liners consist of 50% bamboo viscose and 50% wicking polyester mesh. Your lil one will appreciate how the wicking polyester mesh will pull the moisture into the diaper below and you will appreciate an easy to remove liner for mess cleanup. Not to mention these won't add bulk!
You can't go wrong with their wetbags. They have a diaper pail liner, drawstring wetbag, and zipper wetbag. Great for short trips, both the zipper and drawstring bags will hold 3-4 diapers. You can tell the drawstring is quality made as it feels sturdy and won't break apart on you in a month! Kids no longer in diapers? Use it at the beach or pool for wet swimsuits!
Now on to the nappies. Style alert: the colors are too stinkin' cute!! Not primary, but not pastel either -- a perfect in between mix! Function alert: exceptional absorbency, super softness, lot of snaps to get that perfect fit. Each diaper comes with 2 detachable liners - one small and one larger. The liners snap in to the diaper and to each other. You can use one at a time or both if you are in need of extra absorbency. For the Charcoal Bamboo Cloth diaper, the charcoal liners keep your baby feeling dry while the organic cotton/bamboo cover lets their skin breath - genius! Want to know more about the benefits of charcoal bamboo, check out this Lil Helper blog post. With the Original PUL, the liners are made of unbleached cotton and micro-terry. The diapers are one-size and will grow with your little one, fitting 7-35 lbs.
This is a company that is obviously passionate about what they do! They do not skip any steps or do anything half way. In addition to helping our wallets and the planet, they are also giving back. Through their Baby Do Good program, they give a PUL Cloth Diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers that they sell!!! How many other places are doing this?  
These guys are a hoot, they're amazingly smart, they've got functional products, and an appetite for knowledge -- throw in a giant dose of out of this world customer's a no brainer! Check them out! They're on Facebook and Twitter and have a great Blog.