Be "Smart" with Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers

We love our Smart Bottoms! We recently had a chance to review the Too Smart 3.0 and a Smartfold from this company and couldn't be more pleased!

The Too Smart 3.0 (Smart Cover) is a waterproof one-size (6-35 lbs) diaper cover. It fits great over fitteds, prefolds, and inserts. My favorite part is the uber soft fleece around the legs! It is so soft and dreamy and will help contain leaks without leaving red marks on your little one. The Too Smart 3.0 also includes adjustable elastic in the legs and thigh snaps, to give you a more custom fit. The inside of the cover can be wiped clean and used again, should you not have any blowouts. My other favorite part of this cover are the heavy duty snaps - all too often snaps feel flimsy and you're half afraid to use them too much. Not with the Too Smart 3.0 - they feel like they will withstand the test of time!

Now, onto the Smartfold!! When it arrived, I thought to my self, "Self, this is huge!" The medium measures 13" x 17.5" prior to washing, and around 12.5" x 15.5" after washing. You can find dimensions of their other sizes here. It's made from 45% cotton and 55% hemp and has a very very nice feel to it, both before and after washing. This prefold is different than most in that it doesn't have seems down the center panel like most do. Reason being, "optimal absorption rate" and that is no joke - a great prefold if you have a heavy wetter! The prefold tucks very neatly into the Too Smart 3.0, so everything is in it's place and nice and trim.

This company also has a super great social media presence! They respond to comments/questions on Facebook and are regularly offering a deal of some sort. Great company, great products!! You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to check out their Blog!