Nuby Squeeze Feeder Set Review

It's feeling like a Nuby kind of week! Today we're talking about the perfect solution for feeding anywhere - the Squeeze Feeder Set.

This feeder set will help cover you from the time you choose to start using bottles to 6+ months. It includes multiple attachments to suit your baby's current stage. The silicone feeder will hold up to 3 oz and will go anywhere you will!

You'll start with the Feeding Nipple. You can use this from birth if you choose. Next, the sipper spout will help for serving thick liquids, juice, and water. It is recommended for 3+ months. Then, when you start incorporating solid spoons, the feeder spoon will be put to use (6+ months). The spoon has a hole in the neck that allows food to pass through it and onto the spoon simply by squeezing the feeder. You control how much comes out! Plus, it's clear so you can see how much is left inside. Got a little one who likes to fling everything they can get their hands on? With the feeder spoon, the only mess that will be made is with however much happens to be on the spoon at the time - not an entire jar! The spoon also has a cover, so leaks don't happen. You can fill the feeder spoon up in advance, pack in your bag and have it ready when you need it! The angle of the spoon is great and makes feeding super easy.

The Squeeze Feeder Set is BPA free, practical, and makes feeding so much neater and convenient. A purchase you won't regret!

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