Nuby Bath Time Clock & Thermometer

Bath time shouldn’t be stressful, on your baby or you. Nuby’s bath products help keep bath time what it should be, safe and fun! No more sticking your elbow in your child’s bath water, thinking to yourself, “Self, is this too hot, too cold, just right?”.

The Nuby Bath Time Clock & Thermometer takes the guesswork out and gives you peace of mind that you aren’t scalding or freezing your little one. It’s a nifty little gadget that actually has THREE functions: clock, timer, and thermometer. The timer counts up and down and will automatically start counting up when the sensor contacts the water, so you know how long little bits has been bathing. The clock is super handy and the thermometer will display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Another great feature is the alert it gives out if/when the water gets too hot, so you know to adjust. Oh, and it FLOATS so you’re not stuck searching around in a bath full of bubbles. If all that weren’t enough, it comes decked out in super cute rubber ducky and turtle style!

It's simple, easy to read, and easy to operate! The Bath Time Clock & Thermometer is available at Buy Baby Direct and Ideal Baby.

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