Oh Tootles!

How CUTE are these freeze dried fruit snacks from Brothers All Natural? I am so excited to see the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme as this is my sons FAVORITE right now. Although he is still a little young to enjoy the healthy goodness packed into these adorable bags he loved playing with the packages adorned with Donald Duck, Goofy and of course Mickey. Brothers All Natural puts out the best freeze dried fruit that I have ever tasted and they add nothing to it-- no sugars etc like you will find in other brands. I can not wait to have my son chomping on healthy snacks like these that make having fruit easy on the go (and perfectly portioned). Another thing I find so great about these freeze dried snacks is the ability to enjoy out of season fruit year long! I am so sad to let go of my peaches, strawberries and pineapple for the year but can still enjoy them with these handy dandy snack packs. Oh and on a side note you have to try the Apple Cinnamon slices-- amazing. What is your favorite freeze dried fruits?