Whole Food Deliciousness

Who doesn't love the convenience of easy, take with you on the go foods? I LOVE them but usually do not love the nutritionals and additives that they are chock full of. At home we try to eat as many whole foods as we can and our snacks usually consist of fruits and cut up veggies so in a hurry I want a snack that can be equally as healthy. I have been eating Fruition bars from ProBar for a couple of years now (the strawberry is my fave) and would even give them to my son when he is old enough-- that is saying a lot about these bars! Fruition bars consist of oats, cashews, chia seeds and fruit depending on the flavor, the combo is a great one. ProBar just released a new line of bars-- HALO bars which I am dying to try! Flavors like Rocky Road, S'mores, Honey Graham, Nutty Marshmallow-- need I say more. Do you want to try out these bars? If so, ProBar was kind enough to give us a great coupon code for 40% off your first order. Yum! Just visit their website and then use coupon code BLOGGER to get your bars for 40% off-- I love a great bargain too! Watch out you will be hooked! Keep your eyes peeled for some ProBar giveaways coming soon.