Check out this HOT mama!

Hey everyone, Check out the following from Jenn Harrison-- she is a mom just like us and needs our vote. Please show your support!

Hi There Mums,

My name is Jenn Harrison, Like many of us, I'm a working mother who had struggled to shed the baby weight after giving birth to my daughter. Working a job regularly and looking after my daughter Mia the rest of the time left me little time to exercise, after a long discussion with my personal trainer I learnt to make the most of the 30-60 minute windows when they presented themselves and I'm now in training to run in a marathon!

My trainer said I should enter the ASN 2012 D-Fine8 Female Ambassador competition, so I got some pictures taken and submitted them to the judges... I was very suprised when my entry skyrocketed into number one spot in the voting.

Other girls who have entered are now catching me, so I seek out mums like you for support.

What I'm hoping is for as many people as they can click the link below which will take them to a picture of me - yes thats really me! (and no I've never modelled or anything like that!) - click like on the picture and if possible click share and encourage others to like and share it too :)