Cross that guy off your list!

Do you ever find it hard to buy for those guys on your list? I sure do! They love tools but I don't know how to pick them, I would rather buy them clothes! So here is a great present idea for you-- Jobman Workwear has heavy duty clothing for guys doing heavy duty work. I love a few things about this site-- a lot of their high quality contruction grade clothes are fashionable which is rare-- they could be worn on and off the job, they carry a womens line of work pants-- also very rare and they have specific focuses to make for easy shopping like drywall and painting, construction workwear, waterproof gear etc.. Here is what we chose:
The Jobman Painters Fleece. This is a SHARP looking jacket. It is a crisp white with black contrasting fabrics and stitching, tons of pockets and reinforcements on the shoulders and sleeves, cuffed wrists and many other features. This jacket is intended as a painters fleece as the name states but could be used for any guy who wants a great looking jacket that will last a long time at a great price. I know this should be workwear but I will not be happy if I see any marks on this fleece! I spotted another great item on their site which is worth checking out:
I LOVE these pants- I think they look super cool! Jobman has been around for years providing high quality workwear including: workpants, safety clothing, protection garments, pants, canvas jean and construction overalls. Check them out and also visit them on facebook to see their latest products and promotions.