Happy riding!

I remember growing up and learning to ride my bike like it was yesterday. Why? It was traumatic! My dad thought that training wheels were a waste of time so he used a stick that he secured under my seat and would follow behind me as I rode. When he felt like I was going good he let go, taking the stick with him. Everytime this resulted in a crash-- don't get me wrong we still laugh about "the stick" to this day but there has to be a better way! I saw TykesBykes on the net while I was cruising looking for special christmas gift to pass onto you! I am ALL about having active children and getting them outdoors so I think classic presents like bikes are perfect gifts! TykesBykes makes "balance bikes" that teach children balancing skills which is key to riding a bike. By the bike being low to the ground, having no pedals and weighing under 10 pounds TykesBykes bikes are easy for your little ones to handle. Here is what they have to say:
"A balance bike is essentially learning 2 skills again, but this time it's balance and steering. Let's face it peadaling is the easy part and most kid's will have other pedal toys to get that concept and even when your child has lerant to ride a regular bike, they will still be having fun on a balance bike."

As a mom, I love that the balance bike is much safer. With having their feet on the ground or easily put down they will avoid a lot of tips and spills. The bike arrived to us in just a few pieces and assembly was a snap, they even walk you through step by step on their website if need be. We loved how light the frame was, how heavy duty the tires were and just the high quality in general. There are videos on their website as well if you want to see the bike in action. I also love that TykesBykes is a family run business "committed to raising happy, healthy and active children" (they also happen to love bikes). So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the little one in your life check out TykesBykes. The concept is really cool and you will help keeps kids healthy by getting them outdoors and moving all while having fun. You can also visit them on their facebook page where they put out fun stuff and also giveaway bikes! There is also free shipping if you act soon.