Sleep Better-- No prescription needed ( I like the sounds of this ) Review & Giveaway

Our house is very small or should I say cozy? Every little noise is heard in all rooms which means when Max is nappy we either don't move or tiptoe around the house. When I had the chance to review the Ultimate Sleep Sound Therapy System by Sound + Sleep I knew it was going to serve a couple of purposes in this house. Our Sound + Sleep machine is actually running right this instant on the ocean setting so Max is napping peacefully without hearing the tap, tap tap of me typing this right now! In addition to the soothing sound of ocean waves you can tune into city noises, rainfall, brook (love this one), meditation, white noise, waterfall, fireplace (another fave), meadow or even a train. While some of these don't sound very soothing you would be amazed at how well they are orchestrated and put into a lulling, smooth, constant sound to help you get to sleep and best of all-- stay asleep. Here is what the machine looks like:

Here you can also see its sleek, modern design from the top:

The Sound + Sleep website has a plethora of great sleeping information on it including my favorite section about baby sleep. They talk about the "circular sleep deprivation loop" and how to break it using caring and kind methods with your baby. I love that they promote natural sleep without using prescriptions to create a life of great sleeping habits. Our home is no stranger to white noise machines, we actually had one before this but what makes this one so much superior and unique is its vast array of various sounds, their adaptive sound difference-- the only machine to have this it adjusts to your environment and its design that fits in with the decor of my bedroom.

So you want your very own Sound + Sleep machine? Its not too late to add it to your Christmas list and right now they have some great promotions going or you can try your hand at winning one right here. Here is what you have to do: visit their site and tell me a great sleep fact, follow my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Sunday December 11th. Best of luck to you!