Moms listen up!

I got a chance to try the yummy diet and weight loss bars by Fullbar. Of course when I found out they were on their way I hopped on over to their website to check them out. I loved their principals for weight loss because the focus is on still eating what you love but smaller portions by actually paying attention to how full you are.

Basically you consume two Fullbars a day before lunch and dinner with a large glass of water, then at these meals you can still eat what you want but you end up eating less of it therefore consuming less overall calories. What makes them so fantastic is that they taste great too. When I first opened my Chocolate Peanut Butter Fullbar I was amazed at how BIG the bar was and all for only 180 calories of chocolatey, peanut butter drizzled goodness! This is my favorite flavor with my runner up being the Peanut Butter Crunch-- the crunch factor coming from peanuts mixed right into the bar-- yum.

So here is where us moms need to pay attention-- I DID notice a difference on my fullness scale after consuming these bars and tended to eat less at meals-- my S.O. noticed the same thing. I think the puffed wheat and protein both work to fill you up really leading to less calories consumed. So if you are looking for a way to stay full while still taking in less this is a good option to consider-- you don't have much to lose as they are running great promotions on their website right now.