I was hacked!

Just last month my email account that I use for personal emails was hacked-- how did I find out? My brother called me wanting to know why I would be sending him illegal prescription drug links at work! I could not believe my ears so I went into my sent folder and not only had my brother been getting these emails but my whole address book, I guess no one else wanted to say anything to me. So I sent out an apology and quickly changed my password that consisted of 4 letters and 1 number-- not very tricky, I know. Well here is the thing, it is HARD to keep up with a multitude of passwords that fit the requirements-- this many letters, numbers, symbols then remember it when you log back on. Here is where Chicalogic comes into play. Chicalogic makes software solutions to keep your computer running smoothly and another great thing-- it is for women by women (gotta love the female run businesses). One of the programs they have is the Chica Password Manager with only one master password to remember Chica Password Manager stores all the rest safely for you and with one click of a button you are in. Even better, Chica Password Manager will even generate those tricky passwords for you before saving them into your password manager database. Not only that but the password manager also has form filling capabilites which is something you need if you shop online, enter sweepstakes etc... I got my "Identity" all ready after downloading my free trial software and was amazed at how easy the process was. I simply followed the prompts through the download then created my new identity and chose which fields I would like to have filled for me with the click of a button. I entered everything from my date of birth to my address and various phone numbers and took a spin on entering some travel contests (you never know) and I could NOT believe how speedy this was! Chicalogic is going to supply FREE product keys to three readers. If you want to just go ahead and buy your software you can shop here for the password manager and their other easy computer help programs. Chica Password Manager is valued at 29.95 but is on sale for an introductory price of just 19.95.
To enter this giveaway please browse the Chicalogic site and tell me something great you learned, my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Friday December 30th. Best of luck to you!