Amazing Smoked Flavor

One of the best EVER beef jerky flavors I have ever had is the Brown Sugar and Honey Beef Jerky from Tillamook Country Smoker. The sweet yet smoked flavor of this Jerky is OUT OF THIS WORLD. If I was rich I would eat this every day as a late afternoon snack it’s that good. The mixture of the tender premium beef, brown sugar and honey tied together with the smoked flavor is delicious; I couldn’t do any better myself!!!!! :) Tillamook also has many other great flavors like teriyaki, old fashioned, sea salt and pepper and many more. Probably my second favorite is a tie between the teriyaki and old fashioned; I cannot decide which one I like better. Try them out yourself and tell me which one out of the two you like better; I guarantee you won’t be able to pick as well. Tillamook’s Jerky is 97% fat free and hold onto you’re seats for this one MSG free as well.