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You will be literally questioning whether you are in a 5-star restaurant or if the meal you are eating was made right in your own kitchen. Chicago Steaks has as a fresh line of retail products that you can purchase online some being Hispanic and Latin flavored, some traditional American favorites, all a hit in my house. The quality of meat that you will get from Chicago Steaks is the highest quality available in your meat case. Not only is the quality great but the work has been done for you—the ribs are pre-marinated with a delicious sauce complete in a special cooking sauce, the fajita diced beef is spiced and ready to go—everything they have is simple and delicious. I was able to cook a rack of ribs from Chicago Steaks right there in my oven. They came in a pouch that I was able to put on a pan and directly into the oven. The sauce was perfect with a bit of a kick but also a sweetness to it. I generally don’t cook ribs at home because of the mess, time and expense but I have found the perfect solution for the perfect at home rib dinner. I served them with some sautéed baby potatoes and side salads. Splitting the rack of ribs we were stuffed! One rack will easily feed two very hungry (and one pregnant) people! I also have the beef skirt steak, pork shoulder butt and diced pre-seasoned taco beef which just happens to be on the menu tonight. I am confident that any meat I get from Chicago Steak will be unsurpassed in quality since they have been serving restaurants, hotels and other institutions for over 40 years. They take pride in providing the best products at a reasonable price which we can all appreciate right now.