Nutty Guys

Nutty Guys is right……. OOOOHHHH WEEEEEEE…. What kind of nuts are you in the mood for. You name it they probably have it. I was so excited to try Nutty Guys pistachios, and Spanish peanuts which were delicious (I will talk more about these later) and then I could not wait to try the dried cantaloupe. I have never had dried cantaloupe before and I was a bit skeptical at first but holy cow it was spectacular. It was like eating a freshly cut cantaloupe with a tiny bit of added sugar. The cantaloupe was not too chewy either it was dried enough to where you could taste the flavor in every bite. I was so excited about the taste I brought a bag to work to see what my co-workers thought. They were amazed as well and asked where they could purchase some for their family. I put an entire bag out for my co-workers and it was gone in about three and a half minutes. Okay now I’ll get off my soapbox and finish talking about the pistachios and Spanish peanuts. They both were very fresh and great for an afternoon snack or for your dessert after dinner. Yes, I said dessert after dinner. Call me weird but I think of nuts as a dessert, it’s like a piece of cheesecake to me. The Spanish peanuts can also be used to bake or to make peanut brittle. If you’re wondering what other products Nutty Guys has to offer take a peek at their website, just be aware you may be shocked at all the goodies they have to offer.