I have declared my love for Shirataki Noodles many a time so I am pleased to let you know that House Foods has come out with a line up of already prepared Shirataki Noodle dishes. The flavors are Creamy Coconut Curry and Red Vindaloo Curry. The great thing about these meals is that they are portion sized, calorie controlled (150-190 calories) and very easy to prepare! There is always a lot of confusion when it comes to preparing Shirataki Noodles so this takes the guess work out of it and even tops it with a yummy sauce. I am very partial to the Creamy Coconut Curry—it rocked my socks off! The Red Vindaloo Curry is also good and very spicy! I would buy the Creamy Curry Coconut on a regular basis to tote along to work. Generally, when you eat a dish with the words “Creamy”, “Coconut” and “Curry” in them you are looking at hundreds or even thousands of calories so these are perfect dishes without a splurge! Get them now and also pick up some regular Shirataki Noodles and make some of my recipes using them. Delish!