Personal Chef To Go

If you’re looking for a quick, manageable, nutritious, and easy on the go meal then you have to try the prepared gourmet meals from Personal Chef To Go. These meals are very tasty and the presentation is spectacular. I know what you’re thinking this is just another frozen meal, Right? Well think again this is nothing like a frozen meal all the ingredients are fresh and the meals are also shipped chilled never frozen. When you order a meal the meal is not prepared until ordered then they ship within hours of the preparation of the meal so you receive a hearty, nutritious, fresh meal every time. At Personal Chef To Go they prepare a weekly menu so the choices are different from week to week for a variety of flavors. You can choose from pork, beef, chicken, to seafood, to pastas, and small side dishes. Every meal they offer allows you to view the nutritional facts before you purchase but every meal they prepare is pretty darn healthy!!! My favorite is their salads they put a very generous portion of steak on top, which I am grateful for. Most place put 2 or 3 strips of steak Personal Chef To Go makes sure you’re full after every meal.