Europe (specifically Spain) sent me a sampling of their famous Tigernuts. If you’re not familiar with Tigernuts, I will fill your mind with knowledge. A Tigernut is a very unique small tuber, not a nut, which has a bit of a sweet taste to it. The look is similar to a nut and has a bumpy but rather smooth outer shell and softer middle. The benefits of eating Tigernuts are to help prevent heart attacks, thrombosis, and reduce the risk of suffering colon cancer. The Tigernut is very high in fiber, protein, and natural sugars. It is also rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorous, and vitamin E and C. The Tigernuts are grown organically with no use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. How do you eat them? I like to eat them right out of the bag just like a nut. You can use the actual Tigernut or the juices from the “nut” in a lot of different styles of recipes like, steak dinners, brownies, drinks, etc. I also was very excited to try out the Tigernut soap; it was so soft and the aroma of the soap was so strong I could smell it throughout the house for hours, I love it. If you have not tried a Tigernut you really need to, you’re missing out!!!!