Unique Father’s Day Idea!

This weekend I got a great gift in the mail from Gourmet Station, “Fine Dining Delivered”. When they say “Fine” they mean it! In my pack created for two was 2 Certified Angus Beef Steaks with Baby New Potatoes AND Appetizer: Bruschetta & Tarts, Bread: Loaf Baguettes, Dessert: Crème Brulee Parfait and even a Beverage: St. Ives Coffee to pair perfectly with my luscious Crème Brulee Parfait! This particular dinner is called Wild West T-Bone Steak Dinner gift in case you want this same lineup but they have tons of others to choose from! While I was enjoying my Steak Dinner Gift I thought who would love this even more?! DAD!! Of course! I don’t know a Dad who would not enjoy and remember a Food Gift like this one or you can give him a Steak Dinner Dining Gift Certificate, Food of the Month, Soup Gift, Dessert of the Month or tons of other Gourmet Delivered Meals By Mail! The great thing about this dinner is that it was at a high restaurant quality and so easy to prepare. We put the T-Bones right on the grill and just heated up the rest, it turned out amazing.