A Stinky Situation!

Do you ever have towels that have that icky, musty scent to them? I have a whole bunch of towels that I have shoved to the bottom of the pile for just that reason. Smelly Washer has just the solution- Smelly Towel!!! Smelly Towel is a unique formula that naturall refreshes your mildew-smelling towels or even clothing. It has a great scent too that just adds to the freshness of your fabrics and makes them smell like new again. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of Smelly Towel to your full load of laundry and they will come out smelling totally refreshed. As maintenance, you can add a half teaspoon to loads in the future. I dug out those mangy towels and with many doubts washed them as the directions said—I was AMAZED at the results. These towels are like new again! I am so disappointed that I did not find this product earlier, I have retired so many towels to the car washing rag bin for this reason alone. Want to win your own bottle?! Smelly Washer is going to send one lucky reader a bottle of Smelly Towel to banish their smells away. To be the winner you must first, visit the Smelly Washer website. Then, send me an email (fitinmilwaukee@live.com) telling me something interesting you learned on the Smelly Washer website. In addition, copy at least three of your friends on the email so they know about Smelly Washer as well (please include the link to the website in the body of the email). You may send me an email every single day as an entry—the person who has copied the most friends on the email will be my winner! Hurry—you only have until Friday June 18th at midnight to get your last email in my box! Good luck!