Bare Fruit

I love fruit! Fresh fruit, freeze dried fruit, dehydrated fruit and now there is a new one to add to the list. Bake dried fruit! Good stuff -- no added sugar, preservatives just organic fruit. I wanted to read up on how the Bare Fruit snacks company makes these succulent wholesome treats that I adore. Here is what they have to say:

"Baked, Not Fried - Bare Fruit is cored, sliced and baked in wood-burning ovens for over 10 hours, at a very low temperature, to preserve nutrients, freshness, and taste." The taste is unreal and something you could not recreate at home. Another great thing about these fruits are the varities cherries, pears, mangos, granny smith apples, fuji apples and for my all time favorite Bare Fruit snack-- CINNAMON APPLES. Just organic apples and cinnamon but it tastes like apple pie. The apples they use are perfectly sweet and balance the cinnamon perfectly. This is my new on the go or even lounging on the couch no guilt snack.