You did what to my fruit?

Yes-- I love fruit! This freeze dried fruit is a whole new breed than what I am used to! I was pleasantly suprised when I ripped open the packages of freeze dried fruit by Today's Farms. They have original varities and in addition they freeze dry whole pieces! My strawberries were whole berries! Huge chunks of pineapple and get this-- they even have peaches. I had cinnamon apples and they are heavenly! Read what they have to say:
Welcome to Justus Foods, Inc., home of "Today's Farm" Freeze-dried Fruits and Vegetables. It's hard to believe that our 100% Natural Freeze-Dried Snack is packed full of nutrition with "No Preservatives". ...It's like fresh picked fruit! We do not use any "Products of China". Our Apples are from Michigan, Strawberries & Peaches are from California, and our Pineapple is from either Costa Rica or Honduras. When you need an alternative to processed snacks, pick a bag of "Today's Farm" and know that you've made a smart choice!* A low calorie snack!* 100% All Natural!* No Preservatives!* No Fat or Cholesterol!* "Crispy-Crunch" texture!* "On-the-go" convenience!* Don't wait! Order some today! (You heard them go there now!)