Vivi’s Carnival Mustards

I am a huge fan of mustards- spicy, sweet, and traditional! I love it all. I heard so much buzz about Vivi’s Carnival Mustards so I had to get my hands on them myself. My Vivi’s mustards came packaged so nicely and even had a little jar opener and some recipes. Vivi’s makes three awesome varieties of their famous spreads—original (my fave), sizzling chipotle and roasted garlic. My excitement could not be contained so I opened each sauce and dipped pretzel sticks into them. They were more than mustard—they were saucy, unique and some of them very bold. I was so impressed with the flavors. The original I used later on my boca burger. The roasted garlic I slathered on my egg and broccoli quiche and the chipotle went on bean tacos. I can not begin to explain the endless possibilities for these condiments. I tried to capture the goodness of these sauces but you have to just check them out for yourself. Coming soon—these sauces are going to make appearances in my pitas! Yum yum yum!