Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert

I could eat this Partners granola for any meal, snack or dessert and be satisfied. That is how good it is! Now, I do have a weakness for granola but this was off the charts. Crunchy, sweet and just plain good. So here is their descriptions and my takes on them!
Gourmet MultiGrain Granola: If you have trouble keeping kids interested in cereal that is good for them, then this is your answer. This terrific chunky blend of nuts and grains is the greatest cereal or snack ever. Sweetened with honey and currants this mixture is slow baked to lock in the crispness of all the ingredients. Great as a snack or meal this all natural no sugar added granola is high in fiber from rolled oats barley and rye and has no preservatives. Great healthy munchin'!
My take: KIDS?! I must be a giant kid because this was my favorite. I couldn't believe how sweet this variety was without added sugar or fruits.It was so simple and good, hands down my favorite. I can not imagine that anyone could not like this cereal, topper, snack, meal!

Harvest Fruit: Sour cherries, dried cranberries, apricots and blueberries make this a flavor explosion. This mix of all natural harvest fruits tingles the tastedbuds with a sweet and tart combination created with only fruit and honey. The best for snacking!
My take: It was truly a flavor explosion. I had it in a bowl like a cereal but it would be scrumptious for just digging it straight out of the bag. It was sweet and tart all while keeping that great granola crunch from the multi-grain variety.
Green Apples and Cinnamon: Tart green apples and fragrant cinnamon make this breakfast standard a gourmet treat. No preservatives and sweetenedonly with honey and fruit, this all natural breakfast is excellent as a snack or topping.
My take: Have not yet tried this one, but I will. It sounds fabulous. I love the use of the green apples since I typically only see dried red apples. Yum!
Check out Partners, they have other organic snacks like cookies and crackers too!