A night on the town!

Last Saturday night was spent at Claim Jumper Restaurant. Oh boy was it ever good! The atmosphere is great, we reserved online and had no wait and the service was very accommodating! They bring you bread right away that is fresh and warm.

We got an appetizer of chips and salsa as well.

The salsa was superb, it tasted like it had roasted peppers and tomatoes with cilantro. We all ordered and I was so pleased to find all the healthy alternatives on the menu with even more modifications that the staff will make. I got the:
Veggie Sandwich

Boca patty topped with smoked gouda, tomatoes, caramelized onions, crisp cucumbers, avocado, garlic mayo on toasted wheatberry bread—I nixed the onions and mayo. The avocado added enough creaminess that it did not need anything else! For my side, I made it “premium” and got an oven baked sweet potato! Yum! There were other healthy side dishes as well like the garden salad and fresh fruit.

One of us got the side salad and said it was excellent.

Very light on the dressing and super fresh ingredients. If you take a look on their website they feature both vegetarian and gluten free selections. They also have a nutritional area to help you make your wise decisions before heading out the door. Another great thing about CJ’s is that their portions are huge (which I love) you could even order an app and share a dinner!