Coffee House in House

I love fancy coffee drinks-- hate the fancy prices and most of all the poor nutritionals. Most of the coffee houses pack their drinks with creams and sugary syrups to make it taste good. This drink rivals any of those and has awesome stats. Here is what I did:
I cup of black coffee
1 scoop Javanu protein creamer
2 tablespoons Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
Mix and enjoy!

What is Javanu?"Javanu Premium Protein Creamer is the first of its kind. This protein supplement is scientifically designed for hot coffee (usable in other hot beverages) and formulated for discerning coffee drinkers. It tastes great, mixes easily, and provides nutrition and satiation while enhancing your coffee experience . With Javanu you get nutrition, energy and satiety in a delicious, convenient, all natural product."
I highly suggest visiting their website. There is a ton of information about protein supplementation, calorie control and product usage ideas. Javanu is right for many people but I fit into the category of wanting to add flavor to my coffee without empty or sugar laden calories.

A bit about Monin Sugar Free syrups. First off, they taste just like the coffee house syrups without all the sugar! Perfect! They have tons off flavors too (Almond, Amaretto, Blackberry, Caramel , Chocolate, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and White Chocolate)-- I can see these being used in much more than just drinks... Check back for more recipes coming soon!