Flips, Tricks and Somersaults!

Its rare you come across a snack food that is truly different than anything you have tried before. These are all-natural nuggets made of toasted grains, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and various spices to make up three flavors: S.S. Sea Salt, Chez Cocoa and Salty Pepper. Somersaults are balanced with the perfect amount of protein, fiber and nutrients for a handy, portable snack that is original and tastes great.
S.S. Sea Salt-- One taste of this nugget will have you cheering ahoy! When we created our original flavor, S.S. Sea Salt, we knew we were on tosomething. S.S. Sea Salt brings to life the toasted perfection of a sunflower seed with the subtle hint of sesame rounded out with savory saltsfrom the sea.

Chez Cocoa-- Not too salty, not too sweet, but just right. The cocoa flakes in our Chez Cocoa give a perfect delight for moms and kids alike. Blended rich cocoa, toasted grains and sunflower seeds baked into the perfect sweet treat, mmm très bon! (Just 150 calories)
Salty Pepper-- Arr, the spicy side of life. Cracked ground pepper blendedwith a savory mix of garlic and onion gives this toasted creation theperfect bite. Put the wind in your sails once .