Health, Activity and Playtime for your pets!

Activity is just as vital for your pets as it is for you. Not only is it important for their cardiovascular health but for their mental health as well. Many pets sit home all day un-stimulated and need the activity and interaction from their "parents" when they return. I have daily rituals with my cats-- well Spencie is old and it is hard to get him moving but he gets his wild streaks. Dexter is a play fanatic. We thought he would calm down once he got out of his teenager stage but he has not slowed down a bit. He knows when the alarm goes off he has play time with me before I get in the shower, I build this time into my day and probably look forward to it more than he does. I see his glowing eyes waiting for me downstairs every morning. We have a ton of toys but he has his favorites. Even cats do not need much to entertain them and get them moving. I like to make sure he does a bit of running and streching and most importantly-- thinking. This time spent together, even if its only 15 mintues means so much to both of us and has really bonded us together. I get the "lovey eyes" constantly! Speaking of my little devil: