Its lunch time! What are you having?

Today I am having Dr. McDougall's ready to serve Roasted Pepper Tomato soup. It is delicious and convenient in a cute portable box (no can openers to find)! Besides that this soup is all natural, low cal, vegan and tasty! The Roasted Pepper Tomato is thick and creamy like a good soup should be without all the added fat and calories (only 160 for the whole darn box- 2 cups). The taste of the roasted peppers was so good, it made it not your average tomato soup. It actually made me really full which is quite a feat in itself. Serve with some toasty sprouted bread or crackers. In addition, Dr. McDougall’s has other flavors like: Lentil, Vegetable, Black Bean, Chunky Tomato, Split Pea and Minestrone. Now that its winter and I am craving soups, chilis and other warm foods I will be trying them all!