Clif Builder's "Entirely Natural Protein Bar" Vanilla Almond

When you are looking for a high quality protein bar it goes without saying that Clif Bars are the industry leaders. As a huge fan of the crunchy peanut butter clif bar (regular variety) I have been a loyal Clif consumer for a long time. I love the taste and texture of the crunchy peanut butter bar with the actual peanut chunks throughout. Then I heard that Clif had a high protein bar out that packed 20 grams of protein, was all-natural, no trans fats and so many vitamins and minerals all for 270 calories! But how about the taste I wondered??? I have got to hand it to them-- the Vanilla Almond variety is without a doubt, divine! It was an enormous bar with a rich, almond inside with actual chunks of almonds, almond butter and a hard shell vanilla coating that made me feel like I was eating a candy bar! The first ingredient of this bar is a protein isolate and it is chock full of other healthy ingredients like oats, almonds, flaxseed, vitamins and minerals.