Muffin Tops

Who wants a muffin top? (Not the kind that hangs over your jeans either) The nice people over at Vitalicious have taken my treat time by storm. Their "tops" are amazing! Recently, I had the fudgy peanut butter cup (yum)
and the Banana Nut top:

both were delicious and delivered more than the package promised. The peanut butter cup had huge chunks of PB chips in a fudge muffin and the banana nut was moist with a hint of banana covered in nuts on top. Don't ask me which one was better! I am a huge chocolate fan but am now on board with the banana flavor as well! I have a cornbread one waiting in my freezer to be paired with a bowl of veggie chili. Watch for this coming soon! Oh and check out their website! It has cool facts on it like how long it takes to walk off a top (only 13 minutes)-- plus all the vitamins and minerals in all their baked goods.