Soda Addiction

Soda and chapstick! Those are my addictions. I always have my chapstick somewhere on my body, even if I have no pockets, purse etc... it is tucked away somewhere. I am very brand specific and only certain ones will do. Soda is another one. I LOVE soda but more and more research is showing the negative side effects even diet sodas can have on your health. Sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. They deteriorate your bones, make your cravings stronger and fill absolutely no nutritional value. But they are so good! Right?! Well, not really… I have gotten my soda addiction down to one per day which is very good but still might be detrimental to my health. So I have found an alternative. Zevia! It is an all natural, zero calorie diet soda. Hard to believe huh? Its true! And it tastes even better than the mainstream diet drinks out there. So far I have had the twist (lemon lime), root beer, cola and orange. I am loving each one! They also contain no caffeine. Check out their website to see where you can find this soda and improve your health as well.