Reader Question!

I am going to answer any questions that I get. Here we go...
Megan A. asked me if I "eat perfect all the time?"

Megan, Thanks for asking. The word perfect and my name should not even be in the same sentence! In my humble opinion, the word perfect should not be used to describe anything to do with the human race! It should be reserved for animals and nature... But back to your question-- no way! I do have rules of thumb though that might help you-- When I am looking to maintain my weight I eat "clean" 80% of the time, 20% of the time anything is game including alcohol. When I am trying to lose weight I eat "clean" 90% of the time and try to only have alcohol sparingly. So if you eat 8-10 meals per day like me then you have 56-70 meals per week-- in maintenance mode this would be 45-56 "clean" and the rest up to you.

Take this weekend for example-- I shared a few bottles of wine, ate tons of snacks and blew all nutrition facts out the window! Did I have fun doing it? YOU BET!