Navitas Naturals Trail Mix and Gogi Berries

Check this out, these pictures will do some of the talking themselves:
Trail Mix

OMG! This trail mix is like nothing I have EVER had before. Usually, I grab a handful of trailmix and shovel it down my throat as quickly as possible and the components are familiar. THIS was a totally different story. The only familiar thing I saw was the raw cashews and those are always great. But the berries were astonishing to me. I tried each one seperatly before eating it all together. The three berry mixture was gogi berries, mulberries and goldenberries.Then they mixed in the raw cashews and cocoa nibs to make this refined trail mix. The nibs are very rich and will quell any chocolate craving you might have, the cashews fill you up and the berries keep it nice and sweet. It was a great mixture-- very unexpected. The gogi berries turned out to be my favorite berry in the mix, although it was hard to pick, so lucky for me I have this as well:
Gogi Berries
Please visit the Navitas Naturals website to learn more about their unique products and offerings. My absolute favorite part of their website is that they go into detail about the health benefits of each ingredient that they use in their products. Click here to visit that part of the site.