Crispy Green Crispy Bananas + Chobani Greek Yogurt = True Love

I love bananas-- just love them! They are such a great fruit that comes in its own little wrapper! For this reason I was slightly skeptical when trying these but they were sensational! The only ingredient is-- BANANAS! Each bag equals approximately one large banana.

They were airy, sweet and crispy, just great for muching. The first time I had them, I just ate them plain out of the bag. Today for "snack time" I used a Chobani 0% Greek Yoghurt with the bananas.

Here is the recipe for my "banana split morning yogurt":
1 bag Crispy Green Bananas-- crushed

1 Chobani Greek Yoghurt cup

1/8 teaspoon banana extract

2 packets sweetner

1 tablespoon cocoa nibs, crushed

Mix yoghurt, extract, sweetner. Top with bananas and cocoa nibs. YUM!

Visit the Crispy Green website and find out more about their products and where you can purchase them. Its such an easy way to add more fruits to you diet!