Product Review: Carrington Farms Flax Paks &The Benefits of Flax

First off-- Thank you to Carrington Farms for creating these portable, ready to use "Flax Paks". Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about the use of flax and the addition of it to breads, cereals and mixes but no one really knows "why" flax is so important in your diet. Flax has so many benefits that it is often labeled a "superfood" and is very versatile in its uses. For a long time I thought it was simply a source of fiber that aids in digestion but that is just the begginning. Flax lowers cholesterol levels and, fights disease (including cancer, heart and diabetes). For dieters, flax can work wonders! Due to the (good) fat and fiber content it can keep you full for hours! It has a nutty flavor that I love!
Here is how I plan to use these convenient paks:
- Sprinkled on yogurts or salads

- As a healthy egg swap in baking

- To add volume to recipes

- To try some of those recipes floating around in the WW community for flax pancakes, one-minute muffins etc...