Creamy Applesauce?!

I don’t know how exactly to explain the consistency of Vermont Village Applesauce… it was like no other applesauce I have had before. It almost had a creamy consistency to it and was so thick and delicious I logged onto their website after seeing their simple, organic ingredients to try and figure out just how they did it! They add no water or sugars and cook the WHOLE apples in small kettles, the old fashioned way. Not only does Vermont Village have unsweetened applesauce (which is perfect), they also have cinnamon and other fruity flavors like Peach, Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berry, Raspberry and Tropical Mango. Considering how great the Original and Cinnamon varieties are the other are sure to be a fruity treat! PS- You can get your Vermont Village Applesauce in jars or in little cups for easy transport.