That is one Smart Chicken!

What makes Smart Chicken so unique? Their mission is to give you the purest fresh chicken on the market while keeping it the safest and best in quality. The taste showed. I am not sure if it was the simple matter of how fresh the meat was or if it is their own method of using air chill technology instead of water immersion. Another great thing is that they handle their chickens with care, raise them without antibiotics, animal by-products or hormones and meet the standards to be Certified Organic and Certified Humane. Whatever made the chicken so good it came down to the fact that it was juicy, plump and just plain tasty. I was able to try the Smart Chicken Frankfurters as well as a Smart Chicken Whole Chicken. I am going to focus on the whole chicken (both are amazing) since it made me smarter in the process. I had never in my life cooked a whole chicken and decided now was the time. After thawing my 3 pound bird I read that I would have to remove the neck and giblets but lucky for me these were already moved making it more cost efficient since this is not added to the weight (and I didn’t have to do it). So the chicken was totally ready for baking. Surprisingly, the roast chicken was super simple to make. Gather your other ingredients and utensils—spices (I used salt, pepper, paprika, hint of garlic powder), high quality olive oil and some onion to stuff the bird with. Preheat your oven to 350F and place your bird breast side up on the roasting pan or rack. Rub olive oil on the bird then sprinkle spices as desired. Stuff bird with onions and stick in your pre-heated oven. You will need a meat thermometer to get your bird to a safe temperature. My cooked for 50 minutes. You then remove from the oven and put tin foil over the pan and let the roasted chicken set for 15 minutes or so. Then cut and serve. Very tender and delicious! Get yourself Smart Chicken for the best outcome possible—it was amazing and easy.