What’s more nutritious than lentils, and chickpeas? COOKIES Okay, Okay, I’m just kidding but I had to try and be funny since this is a pretty classy topic. Lentils can be used for all sorts of dishes including meat dishes, chili, baked casseroles, veggie burgers, hearty soups, spiced soups, salads, dips and baked goods. Most of the time lentils need to be cooked anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes or so depending on the type of lentil you’re cooking. Take a look below at the different kinds of lentils I received from Timeless Natural Food not only are the beautiful in color but they are all very different in flavor when cooked properly. On their website they tell you over and over again not to overcook the lentils because they will not turn out right. Well, needless to say my first batch was overcooked and it was not pretty but, my second batch (lentil soup) turned out excellent and the flavor was very powerful and enriched with nutrients. Check out the other great natural products from Timeless including chickpeas, barley, and flax on their web page. Here is a modified recipe that I found online in case you want to try it—it was excellent!
Lentil Soup
Take a big soup pot and add the following:
2 cups dry lentils, rinse well
4 cups broth, 4 cups water
1 can no sodium added corn
1 can carrots
Spices—I did pepper and a no salt added seasoning mix that I had on hand—you can season at the end as well. Let all this boil, then reduce to simmer for about 90 minutes or until your lentils are soft. In the meantime, sauté onions and garlic until the onions are clear—add to the pot. Easy!