Nothing Prepared Until Requested

At sugar e cookies you will get the freshest baked goods shipped right to your front door. The creators of sugar.e.cookies will not bake any cookies until they have a request for an order, why? They want to make sure that you receive the softest and flavorful cookies they can make. They call their cookies scookies because they are prepared with a crunchy outer layer like a cookie and a softer scone resembled center. It is magical; I like my cookies crunchy all around and the taste is unbelievable. They have a wide variety of scookies to choose, from apple cinnamon to chocolate chip walnut. They also have a product which is called Curious Moose Granola. I have probably mentioned more than once that one of my favorite snacks is a bowl or handful of any kind of granola. They have about 7 different mixes of granola to choose from my FAV is the Wally Berry, it has just the right mix of oats, walnuts, and blueberries to top off any hunger craving.