Organic, Organic, and more Organic

This weekend I was on my way to the local farmers market in Madison Wisconsin. Milwaukee to Madison it’s a good hour and a half drive. What better to bring as a snack than some Trail Mix!!! Being pregnant I eat all the time and there was no way that I could have made the trip without eating something. So I brought along a bag of Organic Trail Mix from Stolor Organics. Needless to say I polished off the entire bag on the way there, it was so good. The mix included organic raisins (treated with organic canola oil or organic sunflower oil), organic hulled sunflower seeds, organic shelled pumpkin seeds, organic almonds, and organic cashews. What more could a pregnant woman ask for right???? This snack not only filled my stomach but it also gave me the boost of energy I needed to walk around the capital square the rest of the afternoon. So the next time you go on that long car ride to the market don’t forget to bring along your favorite treat!!! Thanks Stolor Organics.